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Category IP block name Description Process Foundry Technology Details, PDF
NFC_RFID 0180IP_NT1045 NFC/RFID transceiver 180 UMC CMOS
NFC_RFID 0180IP_NT1046 NFC/RFID controller 180 UMC CMOS
ADC 055UMC_ADC_01 12-bit single-ended SAR ADC 55 UMC eFlash
OSCILLATORS 055UMC_OSC_01 Ultra low power crystal oscillator 32.768kHz 55 UMC CMOS
RS 055UMC_PMU_01 Power Management Unit 55 UMC CMOS
ADC 180UMC_ADC_01 2-bit 2-channel 100 MSPS flash ADC 180 UMC CMOS
ADC 180UMC_ADC_02 2-bit 2-channel 50 MSPS flash ADC 180 UMC CMOS
BPF 180UMC_BPF_01 Amplifier with band-pass filter 180 UMC CMOS
LVDS 180UMC_LVDS_01 Programmable LVDS receiver 100 MHz 180 UMC CMOS
LVDS 180UMC_LVDS_02 Programmable LVDS receiver 1 GHz 180 UMC
PLL 180UMC_PLL_01 Phase-locked loop frequency synthesizer 180 UMC CMOS
PLL 180UMC_PLL_02 8 to 16 MHz phase-lock system 180 UMC CMOS
RS 180UMC_RS_01 Reference current and voltage source 180 UMC CMOS