NTLab released a new version of NT1065_EVK


NTLab released a new version of NT1065_EVK evaluation platform for performance and capabilities demonstration of NT1065.



What’s new?

What are the advantages?

  • Possibility to feed active antenna through RF inputs (SMA connectors)
  • No extra power supply required for active antenna
  • Several metal shields mounted above: NT1065 “Nomada” chip, USB microcontroller, TCXO
  • Shields against interference over NT1065 and USB microcontroller - better noise suppression
  • Shield over TCXO - protects against short-term frequency drift caused by abrupt temperature changes
  • No extra power supply units required
  • USB/SPI adapter moved to the board
  • One board instead of two


Both NT1065_EVK and NT1065_EVK2 right now are available for purchase.

Please e-mail to sales@ntlab.com.