NTLab participated in SemIsrael’2014 Expo with special technical seminar


Recently the team of 6 specialists and company’s CEO took part in Israeli Semiconductor Expo-2014 in Tel Aviv. NTLab ASICs and IP designs draw attention of many Israeli and world known companies.

Aliaksei Halaunia and Aliaksandr Kavaleuski shared their design experience on Track 2 “Front-end Design & Verification” and Track 3 “Physical Design” respectively.

In his presentation “New NFC Chip and UHF Tag Chip to Meet EPC-Global Gen2 v2 Standard”, Aliaksei described our achievements in NFC and RFID area, pointed out the main challenges of conventional mixed-signal design approach and the solutions that NTLab found and applied already in its designs. He described our vision about NFC as a cheap solution to enable IoT (Internet of Things) connectivity.

As for “Physical Design” Track, Aliaksandr Kavaleuski reported on self-reflection in zero-IF transceivers and performed channel non-ideality influence analysis in his presentation “Wideband Transceiver ASICs for Frequencies up to 5Ghz”.

Both presentations met a great interest among the attendants.

After the main part of the Expo, NTLab invited everyone to participate in its first technical seminar in Israel, where the participants could hear

  • some information about our company and cooperation possibilities for Israeli companies;
  • technical presentations:

-        methods and approaches in AFE self-tuning (amplitude and phase balancing of I/Q channels),

-        NTLab ICs for electronic documents, UHF RFID tags and NFC devices

-        embeddable ADC/DAC IPs and optimized and balanced approach that NTLab uses for ADC/DAC design.

Participation in SemIsrael’2014 for NTLab provided extremely positive results. The company showed its possibilities and experience in design, innovative approaches we use and proved that NTLab can be a reliable partner in semiconductor industry.