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 NT1065/66_USB3 multi-channel GNSS RF front-end board 

NT1065/66_USB3 BOARD is 7-channel all-band all-system multi-channel GNSS software defined receiver (SDR) platform based on RFFE IC NT1065 "Nomada" and NT1066 for receiving GPS/GLONASS/Galileo/BeiDou/IRNSS/QZSS signals in L1/L2/L3/L5/E1/E5/E6/B1-C/B1I(Q)/B1-2I(Q)/B2/B3 bands, and also for receiving IRNSS signals in S band. In total it has 4 coherent channels and 3 additional channels, available for simultaneous reception of navigational signals. NT1065/66_USB3 BOARD can be configured for capturing wide band GNSS signals (such as Galileo E5) by two coherent channels with common LO source. GNSS raw data are transferred to the USB 3.0 interface with sample rate up to 100МHz and can be received by PC or another computing device.


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